The Garganega grape

In the region of Garda and Soave you will find wine made from the Garganega grape. You can also find her in the Custoza wines from Veneto, but then most of the times she has to share the honor with four other grape varieties. The beauty of Italy in terms of wine are the many indigenous grape varieties from which good and distinctive tasting and tasty wines are made. Of course nothing to the detriment of Burgundy, but there it is Chardonnay, chardonnay & chardonnay and before I forget it: the Alligoté. The use of grape varieties is of course more than made up for by the fantastic properties of the Chardonnay grape, the long winemaking tradition and the most fantastic terroir of northern France for this grape. However, a little diversity can do no harm and the Garganega grape is really not a second division grape at all. It is top notch. The wine, assuming that the winemaker understands his profession, is full, fresh and slightly aromatic in a balanced way and that makes the wine suitable to serve as an aperitif, but also as an accompaniment to fish, cheese and light meat. Well of wine, my unsurpassed main has had wine maker Brigaldara make a customized wine: A 100% Garganega from Veneto. Brigaldara is winemaker of Soave, Valpolicella Classico, Ripasso and Amarone. They make three different kinds of the Amarone: the regular, the old vine variety and the Millisimato variant (only in very good years), so this winemaker understands his profession more than average. A quality that you taste immediately. Service of wine in the mouth is not at all wrong, because from the first sip on you taste the quality of the winemaker and of the wine, because this she wants to become friends with you right away and in my case it worked out right away. There is a lot to taste, a lot of concentrate, but not too much, taste diversity and every sip invites you to take the next and the following applies: Just like with real love, you just can’t get enough. Full, aromatic and slightly fresh with a very clear taste of peach, without it dominating the wine.. Nice, tasty and new in the range and for €9,95 more than reasonably priced and of course exclusive for small scale professional wine shops.

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