Inspired by Parmigiana Melanzane

Press the Permalink in the right corner to read entire blog. Parmigiana Melanzane is a classical dish from Sicily. The association is with the Parmezan cheese is logical, but the word Parmigiana is a corruption of a word that means hatch and thus says something about how the dish should be prepared. The egg plant is the queen of the vegtables because of her versatility. Always keep in mind that an egg plant should always be properly cooked, otherwise it feels spongy in the mouth and it just doesn’t taste right. The dish reminds you of a lasagna but then with the egg plant in stead of the pasta. Between the layers of egg plant there is a mix of coarlsy cut tomato sauce, young fatty cheese, Pecorino and parsely. You built it like a building of three stories and you finish it of with beaten eggs as a sort of lit on the dish. You let it cook and brown in the oven and after half an hour of so you will have the most wonderful ovendish you could possibly imagine. You serve it with fresh not too finely cut basil. This gives the intense taste of the dish a certain freshness. I think of it as such a wonderful dish that it inspired me to be creative. I made a version of it with a coarse mushroom puree between the layers of egg plant and I finished it of with white truffle oil. Wow what an explosion of taste that was. Last week I experimented with adding sun-dried tomatos to the tomato sauce and also adding canned tuna between the layers of egg plant. I topped it of with beaten egg and breadcrum as they also do with ovendishes in Puglia. The result was actually quite good. Perhaps not so original as the version with mushrooms and truffle, but the taste of the canned tuna complemented the intense taste of the aubergine. Send me an email for the recipe 😉