My first steps in the Spanish cuisine

Press the Permalink in the right corner to read entire blog. The Spanish cuisine is quite different from the Italian. After my visit to Valancia last year I discovered that the making of a good pealla Valenciana was something completely different than the making of a risotto.The book I use to guide me is the book of the Spanish cuisine by Claudia Roden. She is a very good and experienced writer of cookingbooks and of course very famous by her book on the Italian cuisine. I decided to make meatballs with an almond sauce. The Netherlands have a very rich tradition of meatballs and this recipe is definitely different from the Dutch recipes I know of. In the minced meat (pork and/or beef) you add some finely chopped parsely, garlick, onion and white bread. As a sauce you use to prepare the meaballs in you make a white winesauce that is thickened by a “picada” ; a paste of browned almonds, garlic and bread. The meatjuices enrich the white winesauce with the picada. The result is very good and original and the taste is definitely different from the Dutch and Italian meatballs.